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The Craftsmen Training Scheme was introduced by the Government of India in 1950 to ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in different trades for the domestic Industry, to raise quantitatively  and qualitatively the industrial production by systematic training, to reduce unemployment among the educated youth by providing them employable skilled training, to cultivate and nurture technical and industrial attitude in the minds of the younger generation.  The scheme, the most important in the field of Vocational Training has been shaping craftsman to meet the existing as well as future manpower need, through the vast network of ITI in the various state/ Union territories in the country.

               The Industrial Training Institute, Mahender Garh was established in 1962 in a rental building. But in 1963 was shifted in its own building of approximate 17 acre area with a well equipped workshop, administrative block and academic block with all training  facilities. In march 2008 the IMC Society was constituted under the chairmanship of  GRP Industries, Dubai  for their improvement & better performance in training and placement. Now the Institute provides training in 22 trades and 44 Units approximate 4200 students. Semester system is introduced in August 2013 in all trades of institute.